Upgadation Of Merit Of SC Students


The Scheme of Upgradation of Merit of SC Students was started in 1987-88 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of Education) and was later transferred to Ministry of Welfare during 1993-94.


The objective of the Scheme is to upgrade the merit of SC students by providing them remedial and special coaching in classes IX to XII. While the remedial coaching aims at removing deficiencies in various subjects, the special coaching is provided with a view to prepare the students for competitive examinations for seeking entry into professional courses like engineering and medical disciplines.

Financial Implications:

The Scheme provides for 100% central assistance to the States/UT's. A package grant of Rs.25,000/- per student per year is provided and the States/UT's are not required to bear any financial burden. The students with disabilities amongst SCs, receive specified special allowances like readers allowance, transport allowance, escorts allowance etc. The details of financial assistance given under are given below:

  1. A package grant of Rs.25,000 per student per year with the following break-up:
    • Rs.15,000 per student per year as under:
      • ​Boarding & lodging charges @ Rs 900 per month for 10 months =Rs.9,000 (This component would be payable to the students studying in residential schools only)
      • Pocket money @ Rs.300 for 10 months=Rs.3,000
      • Books and Stationery Rs.3,000​
    • Rs.10,000 per year per student for honorarium to Principal, Experts and other incidental charges
  2. ​Besides the amount of scholarship, students with disabilities would also be eligible for the following assistance:
  • ​Reader Allowance of Rs.200 per month for blind students in classes IX to XII.
  • Transport allowance of Rs.100 per month for the disabled students if such a student does not reside in the hostel, which is within the premises of educational institution. Special pay of Rs.200 per month be admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend help to a severely orthopedically handicapped students residing in a hostel managed by the educational or by the State Government/Union Territory Admn. who may need the assistance of a helper.
  • Escort allowance of Rs.100 per month for severely handicapped day scholar students with lower extremity disability.
  • Allowance of Rs.200 per month towards extra coaching to mentally retarded and mentally ill students in classes IX to XII. 

Income Ceiling: Rs. 3.00 Lakh per annum

Coverage: Maximum 2050 fresh students will be covered under the Scheme annually. The coaching should start at class IX level and continue till a student completes class XII. The Scheme is presently implemented in 19 States/UTs.

Preference to Girls Students: Allocated awards may be used by States/UTs for boys and girls students in the ratio of 50:50. However, unutilised awards by girls may be used by boys and vice-versa.