Special Central Assistance to Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCA to SCSP)


Special Central Assistance (SCA) to Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) is a central scheme under which 100% grant is given to the States/UTs as an additive to their Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP).

Objective of the Scheme

The main objective is to give a thrust to family oriented schemes of economic development of SCs below the poverty line, by providing resources for filling the critical gaps and for providing missing vital inputs so that the schemes can be more meaningful. Since the schemes / programmes for SCs may be depending upon the local occupational pattern and the economic activities available, the Sates/UTs have been given full flexibility in utilizing SCA with the only condition that it should be utilized in conjunction with SCP and other resources available from other sources like various Corporations, financial institution etc.

State Government have been given flexibility in choice of schemes to be implemented out of Special Central Assistance, within the overall frame work of the scheme.

Sanction orders for release during 2020-21 under the Scheme of SCA to SCSP

Assam Gujrat Himanchal Pradesh Puduchery West Bengal

minutes of 4 PACs during 2020-21 under the Scheme of SCA to SCSP

Minutes of 1st PAC held on 15/05/2020
Minutes of 2nd PAC held on 10/06/2020
Minutes of 3rd PAC held on 10/07/2020
Minutes of 4th PAC held on 20/07/2020

A Centrally Sponsored Scheme For the Development of Scheduled Castes living below the Poverty Line (Consolidated Guidelines as on May, 2019) Edit

Guidelines for utilization of SCA to SCSP Edit





Status of release of SCA to SCSP to States&UTs (As on 31.03.2017) Edit

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