This scheme for construction of hostels for Scheduled Caste (SC) students is one of the means to enable and encourage children/students belonging to these Castes (SC) to attain quality education. Such hostels are immensely beneficial to the students hailing from rural and remote areas of the country. While the scheme of construction of hostels for SC girls is in operation from the Third Five Year Plan (1961-66), the same for boys was started with effect from the year 1989-90. The scheme was revised in 2008 and recently on 10.09.2018.


The primary objective of the revised scheme is to attract implementing agencies for undertaking construction of hostels, especially for SC girls, towards the broader vision of containment and reduction of their dropout rate. The other objectives are: (i) having a girls hostel with a capacity of 100 seats, in every block headquarters of low literacy districts not having one as of now, by way of priority, (ii) repairing and proper maintenance of hostels, and (iii) having an effective mechanism for monitoring, review, etc.


The scheme is implemented through the State Governments, Union Territory Administrations and the Central & State Universities/ Institutions. These implementing agencies are provided eligible central assistance as per provisions of the scheme, for fresh construction of hostel buildings, for expansion of the existing hostel facilities and for periodic repair and maintenance of the hostels constructed under this Scheme.


4.1 For Girls Hostels:

100% Central Assistance is provided to the State Governments/ UT Administrations and Central & State Universities/ Institutions, as per the cost norms prescribed in the Scheme.

4.2 For Boys Hostels:

(a) 50% central assistance is provided to State Governments on matching share basis.

(b) 100% central assistance to UT Administrations.

(c) 90% central assistance to Central Universities/Institutions. The remaining 10% cost is to be borne by the Central University/ Institution concerned.

(d) For State Universities/ Institutions, the central assistance is 45%. The remaining 55% cost is to be borne by the State University/Institution and the State Government/UT Administration concerned in the ratio of 10:45.

Note: In case the State Governments/ UT Administrations concerned do not contribute their expected share of 45% to the State Universities/ Institutions as prescribed above, the share of the former will also have to be borne by the Universities/ Institutions, by raising their contribution to 55%.

5. Cost Norms

(a) The cost norms for construction/expansion of girls and boys hostels will be as under:

(b) In addition to the admissible central assistance under the Scheme, a one-time grant of Rs.5000/- per student is also provided for making provisions of a cot, a table and a chair for each student and for common facilities like Television, Computer, Kitchen equipments, etc. This one-time grant shall be released after utilization of central assistance provided by the Government along with matching share of implementing agency, if any, and completion of construction of the hostel in all respects.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

6.1 A Steering Committee under the chairmanship Joint Secretary, D/o Social Justice and Empowerment officers monitors and reviews the progress of construction/ completion of hostels regularly based on the progress reports.

6.2 Periodical review meetings with the representatives of State Governments and other Implementing Agencies are conducted to monitor the progress of construction. The functioning and occupancy status of hostels is also to be monitored post-construction. While submitting new proposals, the State Governments/UT Administrations are required to furnish physical & financial progress reports of the hostels sanctioned earlier, mandatorily.

7. For further details, the revised scheme guidelines of the scheme may be referred.